Experience the Oregon Coast on Foot

CoastWalk Oregon includes beach walking …

… and hikes over forested headlands.


CoastWalk Oregon is a fundraiser for North Coast Land Conservancy and an opportunity to walk up to 30 miles over three days on the Oregon Coast Trail without worrying about wayfinding, return shuttle, or other logistics. Over four years, we walk the OCT from its northern trailhead at the Columbia River to Siletz Bay at Lincoln City—one-fourth of that distance each year.

Staff and volunteers with NCLC are experts on the Oregon Coast. Each year, we refresh our routes. Some years include boat shuttles across bay mouths. All routes are subject to change based on weather and other conditions.

Our goal is to provide participants with a fun, safe and hassle-free way to hike a significant distance on handpicked hiking routes while raising funds to support coastal habitat conservation. Participants arrange their own lodging and lunches/dinners. We provide a simple breakfast each morning. We gather and start walking early each day, leaving you most of the afternoon to relax or further explore the Oregon Coast.


You will need to train to walk 8 to 10 miles in three to five hours. About half of the Oregon Coast Trail is on the beach, but that can include large cobbles as well as smooth sand. Headland trails can be muddy, rocky, and laced with tree roots. You may need to do some scrambling over fallen trees. Be sure you are comfortable with conditions like these before signing up.


North Coast Land Conservancy has been conserving and connecting land on the Oregon Coast since 1986. In 2016, we launched CoastWalk Oregon, an opportunity to walk 30 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail over three days in September. The funds we raise from CoastWalk Oregon help us conserve important habitat from the Columbia River south to Siletz Bay at Lincoln City.

“We hit the jackpot discovering CoastWalk and look forward to next year!”

—Katherine, Seaside OR, CWO 2018

“Thanks for the opportunity to support such a great mission in such a fun way.”

—Cheryl, Portland OR, CWO 2016

“CoastWalk Oregon surpassed my expectations with the great organization, information, reminders and recommendations for gear and training.”

—CWO Participant 2021